sunday night

                                        .. this is Izzy...quite clearly shes an autumn girl. She's extra happy because her friend has been playing with her and making her clothes and giving her wonderful hairstyles.

the birthday trip to melbourne was a fun one.....the birthday boy got spoilt in all sorts of magical ways...and i think he maybe had the best birthday ever. . . topped off with a big dish of gelati and giggling away with his three cousins. he really loves to have boy company....sob sob....i wish he had a brother.

today was a great day.
actually this weekend has been one of the very nice kind.
yesterday it poured rain and i sewed all day
and today we had our special friends come to visit and play. a super dad with his three little boys.

cuteness i found happening in the lounge room one day

busy busy happy busy

we love these boys. we played with fire, balloons, the skate ramp and soccer balls. i always promise to see them more often. im going to really try this time. tonight amelie decided they were now our cousins and so we can call them our family.
....i have the Square Market coming up on June 16th in Bendigo..... and the reality of how soon that is seems to have sunk in this weekend also.. which is maybe why i brought my sewing machine in from my back studio room and dumped it (with love) onto my kitchen bench.

yep....i cooked patchwork purses for dinner......hmmmm..

i have ordered lots more fabric and i got a little nervous when they sent me an email and asked me...or actually highly recommended that i order swatches first. i quickly replied no time for swatches just send me the fabric asap.
fingers crossed on that one too. i seem to be crossing my fingers often these days. i think its a good sign that im just doing stuff and trying not to think about it too much.  trying . .

our house is so warm from our fire....its a wonder any of us are awake when we are inside.

then we go outside and its so refreshing...that icy air.

id like to visit the snow again. we had the best time when we went a few years ago. i think its time for another snowball battle. the kids still giggle about the last one.

so anyway....ciao for now
manda x

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