birthday eve

me and my farmer boy just blew up 100 balloons
the lounge room is full
one excited 10 year old boy is in his bed, too excited to go to sleep
and his little sister is in our bed, too excited for her big brother, to go to sleep
and his big sister is in her bed, in the darkness. i hope she is asleep, but i fear she has an ipod in there somewhere keeping her awake. she was going for the shes asleep theory.
he's going to burst when he gets his new skateboard.
then we are roadtripping it to melbourne so he can skate his 11 year old body around the concrete jungle
we will eat some yum food and follow the leader (him) around the city
oh i hope its so much fun....after last years birthday, our boy deserves an extra happy one. and 11 is a cool number to be.

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