some things .....

 winter is here. its cold. its not very rainy. the spiders and dew are leaving magical art all over the place in the mornings. the sun is still shining. but did i mention its cold. fog comes out of your mouth with the words.
 instead of doing goodness knows what else i fill my days with....i am now busily buzzing around stitching and printing and spying on fabric that is travelling across the sea...hoping it gets here in a hurry,.... getting ready for the market in two weeks. what market? the Square Market in Bendigo Saturday June 16th at the Town Hall.

 playing with ideas on how to make my colouring books look even prettier... and ready to give as a present. in the process i rediscovered how much i like to print.
 and little babushka girl is sitting over (well in an internet kind of way...) on the Umbrella Prints Trimmings 2012 Pinterest board. sitting amongst a lot of wonderful makings from all over the world. you should go see,  and then vote for your's on for just one week.

and back in our snow white is still sleeping....her performance last night was magical.....i could watch her on stage forever...and it seems in the mornings she becomes sleeping beauty. okay...back to toast myself in front of the fire. it seems i may be turning into a marshmallow.

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Beck said...

I love your beautiful babushka's! I can't wait to show the girls their books when we hop on the plane next week! I've been hiding them away. I might have to beg to do a page myself. Hope you are keeping warm and snug lovely Manda xo