KCWC day 3

a spotty top for my big girl Veda. big as in she's 13 and taller than me and making me feel like a little mumma. It feels really weird to hug her these days. Of course I still love to hug her though.

I printed this fabric a while ago with a gocco. Today I fumbled around in my room for awhile not knowing what to make. I asked the kids for their suggestions but I didn't like any of them ;-)
So a simple top was all I came up with. It's the style my girl likes....she wears tops this shape over longer tighter Flashdance????  She is yet to try it that may be another whole story about whether it was a success or not. but either way, I think its kinda nice. And if she doesnt like it, it will fit me :-D  
Have you had a look at the KCWC flickr group? there's a whole lot of great sewing going on.
x Manda

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meg said...

it's gorgeous!!