KCWC day two

Day two of KCWC was a crazy kind of one.
It involved searching for more wood for our fire
::Getting new tyres on our car after putting up with a leaky one for awhile
::Watching the rain pour down and wondering whether my boy could actually be out there doing the school cross country racing. (Yes he was. Stupid school - the bus got bogged in mud and could have tipped over. Not to mention my boy came home late, hungry, wet, muddy and shivering.)
::My farmer boy surprising me with a new iphone. My vintage mobile has gone missing and has lived a long life. My boy also chopped up a heap of wood for us so I won't have to go searching for awhile. He's a sweet one.

Annnnd in between all of that, I squeezed in a pumpkin coloured woollen skirt for Amelie. It's made from a piece of fabric I found in Savers...mega thrift shop, ages ago. The colour is so so perfect. And whilst I was out in my room sewing it, I found a tshirt for her with one of my old prints on it. Perfect match!
And now. relaxxxxx.
Oh woops.....I also snuck in a visit to the opshop and found some fabric. You may see it later this week on one of my kids :-)
Manda x

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kelly said...

love love this orange manda :-)