topsy turvy

its been a crazy fun week
i always seem to wish i had three of me to do all things i would like to be doing
if i did have a few more of me, this is what i may do with them::
i would put one to work on my house. she would clean it sparkly clean.
i would send one out to the garden, which could be mistaken for a jungle right now. they could mow the lawn, pull out weeds, plant seeds, move dirt to pots, kill some wasps for me, ....extend the chook pen.... hmmm maybe two of me are needed for outside.
i would take another me with me out to my studio/room and we would organise it into the beautiful space it could be. there are mountains of fabric and stuff out there to climb. there are pyjamas and dolls and badges and a quilt and flags and cushions to be made. and more.
i would have another me in my kitchen cooking food 12hours a day because my kids are so so hungry. and i so so can't be bothered standing in a kitchen all day. i don't find it fun.
another one of me would play and make and read and build and sing and listen and be patient with the kids a lot more than i do now.
i would put another one of me in bed and let her sleep for a week...aahh just the thought of that is nice.
hmmm maybe i would send another one to the beach for a holiday.
okay so really i have just this me in this one body. so today i might get to finish these doll cushions because it makes me uncomfortable seeing stuffing hanging out the bottoms of them. i'm going to resist the urge to mow the lawn because that is exhausting and kind of pointless. i'm going to write some letters, and draw pictures with the kids and every now again i will say to Veda... you hugged Taylor Swift...and we will both giggle .
HappY weekenD x


Kate said...

me too!
and ohmy god your daughter hugged taylor swift!!

kelly said...

and you would send one out to dinner with your lovely friend so we could have a laugh and eat green curry.

Manda said...

Yes Kel, I would definitely do that! How I would love a green curry tonight. Instead it's tofu stir fry...I could green curry it, but I don't think the kids would approve. Oh the dinner-dilemna! x

Sue said...

Just found you from Foxs Lane.
Have to tell you I LOVE your colouring book!
My teenage daughter walked past when I had the post open and the response was a very quick oooohhhh pretty - I want one!
Easter bunny might have to make a delivery me thinks.

Manda said...

Hi Sue
thanks for visiting :-) Kate is such a sweetheart to send you all over to my place :-) it makes me so happy to hear nice things about my book. easter bunny would be happy to deliver cute books i think.....good idea :-) x

Manda said...
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