A dream came true

Last night i took three excited girls to see Taylor Swift in Melbourne. It was Veda's 13th Birthday present...(from back in October)..Taylor Swift is her idol. My girl , my amazing, beautiful , strong and sensitive girl, was determined to meet Taylor Swift. I'm not sure how many other thousands of girls had the same idea....but her chances were slim. girl danced and sang and glowed...she has her parents partying genes (god help us!!) Halfway through the night, her and her friend got called over into a VIP area to be up close with Taylor as she sung on a smaller stage. THEN Taylor went down into the crowd and they each got to give Taylor a big HUG! I was on the other side of the floor watching it all on the big screen.... I knew Taylor was walking through the crowd and I knew my girl was over there somewhere.... and then I saw my girl hugging Taylor Swift up on the big screen! ! ! ! So exciting...
Well Amelie and I jumped up and down and screamed and danced in pure delight. I couldn't have been happier at that moment in time. I'm sure Veda couldn't either! A dream came true for my beautiful Veda.
It was a perfect night. I won't ever forget the look on her face...up on that big screen...and moments later when I found her. The sound of excitement in her voice as she phoned her Dad just afterwards.
So SO cool.


Kate said...

Ohmygoodness. What an amazing, unforgettable birthday. I can just imagine the reliving that moment over and over all the way home. Amazing.

And thank you enormously for the colouring books. We adore them. All three of my girls sat on the floor for hours last night and the two smallest woke up early this morning so they could get some colouring in in before school. They are ace.

Happy weekend gorgeous family. xx

kelly said...

I'm a sulk...I teared up again reading that post manda...Veda and tanner are soooo lucky.....your a beautiful mumma who got her the tickets in the first place :-))... Everything happens for a reason :-))).... My girl wanna hug Veda pie....I've kept my kids home today, so we can enjoy the rain :-)

Manda said...

Hi Kate, I'm happy you like them :-) It's good colouring in weather...shame about school ;-) it gets in the way of all good plans I think. Happy weekend to your gorgeous family too. I picked an apple of my tree today and thought of you and all your apple trees :-) x x
Kel, I'm sure Veda would love to hug your girls too :-) I have Veda home today...still recovering and reminiscing. Have a cosy Friday x x