it's funny how when i'm feeling tangled up in the messiness of life, i instinctively head outside to my garden. i dig dirt, i pull out weeds, i plant seeds or cuttings that have been waiting patiently for me, i admire the changes in the plants- who's flowering, who's growing, who's going to die of thirst soon if i don't give them some water. my garden is my own little world. its just me and them. i could, and sometimes do, lose myself out there for hours. and then i come back inside and whatever the drama was, it seems just a little more insignificant.
today i wandered around a nursery with Amelie. there were lots and lots of nice flowering plants. and some interesting herbs too. i oohed and aahhhed and could have taken many of those plants home with me, but in the end i came home with a rose bush.

funny i know. i never buy rose bushes. but this one, it smells like some heavenly place. oh my god. and its pink. and every time i look at it, it makes me smile. she was just what i needed. so i have planted it right near my front door. we will pass it at least twice a day, and hopefully after the smell of the manure i put around it dies down, we will smell those divine flowers. my farmer boy...he is another story! when i said excitedly...come and look at the present i brought myself today. he saw it and swore! not a flippin rose bush! he detests them! hahahaha....probably something to do with his childhood and the fact that his mum loves them and had magnificent gardens, with roses. but thats just my silly assumptions of course... and he doesn't like the thorns. but really. just don't touch them. instead close your eyes and inhale! and i also told him it's a reminder to stop and smell the roses. it already had him laughing, lovely rose bush!

i've also got some more bulbs for the kids to plant....they are loving the garden too. well the younger two are. it's autumn, she's so kind and mild and calls us to be outside. now if only the billions of flies would die.........
i highly recommend giving yourself a present. something you love. something that will make you smile.
x manda

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kelly said...

Shes the colour of your beautiful pink tshirt you were wearing today :-)..xoxo