a quilt!

yes that's what i've been doing. i made a quilt. and really, i have no idea about the right way to make a quilt. but i did it anyway. its patchy and flowery and babushkary and i like it. and im already making the next one, because its fun. i sneak moments here and there and go off to my room outside and zoom away on my overlocker and sewing machine. every now and again i hear muuuuuum. but they either solve it themselves or come and find me. bigger kids. i like :-)

i am also liking ::
+ this almost magically perfect autumn weather. (but i have to whisper that, because it would be even more perfect if it would rain for my farmer boy)
+talking and laughing face to face with my sister again, rather than cursing at skype throughout our conversations
+the bird sounds we are blessed with....butcher birds and a "mopoke" at night.
+ clean water in our rain tank. shame its not rain. but thats the next step i hope.
..and tonight i will go out for tea and enjoy someone else cooking food for me, and chattering away with my friend. i love that.


kelly said...

:-)...see you soon my stealing a quiet few minutes here without the children and john before i head out the door :-)..

kelly said...

oh and p.s...holy shiitake mushrooms i love that quilt.. :-) have done a beautiful can quilt.