badging in my creative space

my little babushka babies have found themselves onto cute little badges.
do you know what addictive fun it is to make badges? i love my badge maker.
so yesterday Amelie and I badged up a storm.
and then I thought they would look cute if they were babushka shaped....which you can't do with a badge maker...but you can do with some iron on stiffening stuff and some woollen felt for the back. and voila! a cute little doll to wear on your clothes. yep...cute i think.
i'm getting so caught up in this little world of babushkas my poor children are going to be eating babushka shaped mashed potato at this rate.
babushka badges in my shop
happy thursday!
manda x
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Beck said...

Love them!! All those smiling sweet. Thanks for the FB like today! How find you there! It's great to see you blogging more too lately. Have a happy Thursday Manda xo

kelly said...

:-)'s perfect weather to be snuggled up inside with ammie making badges...xo

Anonymous said...

these are very sweet. love them!

Miriam said...

So cute who doesn't love a babushka?