rugs gourds and wasps

i spied a baby gourd outside my kitchen window. lots and lots of them actually. exciting.
i succumbed to all the inspiring photos and talk about rag rugs and started my own one last night. i had the kids plaiting torn up sheets and fabric held at one end with their toes. im hand sewing the plaits into a circle mat. it should be finished by 2013! winter im hoping.
and worst of all today....see those nasty things up there in the corner, busily making a (very cool looking) nest. paper wasps. well this morning i planted the jacaranda before it shrivelled up on me, and one thing led to another, as it does in the garden, and i found myself cutting off dead branches in the thing i see what i think is a bee hive, then feel unbelievable stings up my arms....and then i run for my life...... i got attacked by paper wasps! i had disturbed a nest hanging in the branches that i didnt know about- i do know about all the other nests under the verandahs which are now highly gonna get them!! i ran inside and soaked myself in vinegar, cold water, ice, aloe vera, and then lavender oil...and eventually the pain stopped. i thought i was going to have a heart attack and i thought of thomas j and veda, bawling her eyes out in My Girl, and then i got the kids to ring my farmer boy to come home. i still feel sore on the sting spots which there were about 10 of them. wasp stings hurt so much! im so glad it wasnt the kids being stung. so i decided to stay inside and stitch my rug and then cook with the kids for the rest of the day.
tomorrow is mission exterminate the wasps. though apparently you spray them at night time when they cant see you to attack you. and you have a red light so they cant see you. sneaky hey. sneak is needed with those dirty rotten scoundrels.
so beware of wasps, and goodnight x


kelly said...

I have been meaning to make a rug like that too... :-)...

Amanda Paino said...

you really may take forever (i've noticed) but they are very very nice. and the girls would love to plait for you x