today i went to pick up the first draft of my colouring book. exciting!!
its very hard trying to see it through eyes that are not my own. do you know what i mean? its kind of like looking at your own kids. i dont see them, i see right into them. so with my book i need to step back and look at it to see if i actually like what im seeing. my farmer boy likes it alot and so does my little amelie. thats two votes of yay.
apart from that, its pretty cool fun to be holding my book in my hands, full of my drawings.
we haven't coloured any of it yet...first we are going to show the kids when they get home from school, and then maybe we'll try it out. the paper is nice and the weight of it is nice.

apart from the book, ive been spending(wasting) alot of time playing with my coloured babushka pictures on my computer. adjusting the shades and sizes is lots of fun, as is dreaming of what else i have planned for these girls. ive downloaded inkscape and slowly i'm learning how to use it. slowwwwly. but slow is good right? now i'm hungry and it's time to pick up the kids again. the days are whizzing by. it really feels like it was just the weekend and soon it will be the weekend again. its blurry when its busy. and right now its busy all around me.
okay off to get my lovehearts .... x


Beck said...

Ooh, I can't wait to see one of your books in real life! Where will they be available from? I love your images, how exciting! xo

kelly said...

Im soooo coming over to check out your beautiful book my friend xoxo
i'm ecstatic for you

Kate said...

Ohmygoodness!!!! A Mandamade colouring book!!!
I desperately need one in my life.
Will you be selling them?
So excited.
Have a happy weekend. xx