my babushka girls have left home and are at the printers.
i feel like ive jumped into the water and im swimming to an island ive wanted to visit for a long time. im not a great swimmer but im going to try to get there anyway.
i like that the printers are nice local people.
i like that the paper for my colouring book is all recycled paper.
i hope that when i see the book i love it.
when i go to see the first sample, me and the kids will take some textas to try it out. maybe i can get the printer people to do some colouring in with us.
in other news, today i need to dig some big holes to plant some new baby trees. (actually i think i will get farmer boy to dig...he has bigger muscles and the ground is like rock)..we have another jacaranda joining the family, another bougainvillea-number 3! and some lemon scented gums.
at the farmers market my mum and i brought the same baby tree and we are having a race whose grows the quickest. she has hers in its new place in the earth, big hole, watering set up, love and get the idea. well mine still sits on my front verandah, waiting waiting. i have no hope- mums trees grow and flower after two years....five years later and my trees are hanging on for dear life! kind of. some of them.
anyway, i have a beautiful boy talking lego in my ear so i had better go listen with two ears.

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