here and now..

while my two bigger kids are braving a hot day at school
while my farmer boy is with his cows getting ready to parade them around at the local show tomorrow
while my smaller kidlet is dripping food colouring on coffee filters making beautiful art
while the leaders of our country astound me with their behaviour
while dragonflies buzz around the farm and i wonder are there borrowers flying on them a-la Arrietty
i'm sitting here . surrounded by textas and drawings and my first copy. i need to change the back cover picture. thats next on my list.
i have the beginnings of a website set up...linked to a bigcartel store....and there you will find my book... hopefully in the next week or two.. just in time before my birthday when i will turn 40! and that to me is a little surreal!
my coffee has gone cold. again.
happy weekend !


Kate said...

my farmer boy just brought me over a coffee with an ice block in it...perfect.
I am more than a bit excited for your shop to open.
Happy weekend Manda and fam. x

kelly said...

Oh manda I cant wait for it to be on sale, and hear of all the little people enjoying the pictures.....the ladies of this house are so excited to colour away...
We need to pre order.. :-))) xoxo...oh and holy cow, coffee??