opposite of the drought

i was taking photos outside of our driveway which is now a river, and Rosie stole my attention with her love eyes she has for me :-)

this week has been one of trips backwards and forwards to the printer. and its a long trip unfortunately. Amelie would hear the phone ring...then see me with that look on my face and say " oh not the printer again"....there was bribing with hot chocolates and marshmallows. then last night the rain poured down like we have never seen before. so so much rain. this morning we woke to wetlands! it has stopped for now but there is more to come on saturday apparently. oh mumma mia..... the farmer boy has pumps going here and there trying to get water out of places it shouldn't be. he stood in inches of water milking cows this morning. oh the resilience of farmers. sometimes i wish i had magic powers so i could help him. it feels so ironic considering the drought we have survived through.
and so i got a phone call from my boy this morning telling me don't bother trying to get out the driveway today....a day off school for the kids. one was happy about that and one not so happy. such different kids they are. now it feels like its the weekend.
i've been cooking banana muffins and chickpea soup trying to warm the insides of my farmer boy. he was happy at lunchtime so i think that plan worked.
and now i'm taking a breath and hoping the rain isn't causing to much grief for people everywhere...and hoping even more that there's not too much more to come.
autumn is here! with a big splash!
x manda
oh and i've set up a facebook page for my babushka colouring book... search for Babushka Girl because I have no idea how to make a link for it now, and Amelie is trying to kick me off my laptop so she can play games on it. come join me over there if you like :-)

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