coming out

...of my head that is...

its a bit like a tangled sticky colourful cobweb in there....with the odd dragonfly stuck in it too.

we went to perth and it was delightful staying a night or three with my brother and his family. i love brothers. its different to sister love. we then ventured south to busselton. the beach...ohh the beach. the first swim we had amelie got stung by stingers on her face and arms. that was horrific. but could have been worse (in hindsight) . we then found a more beautiful beach hangout. meelup beach. we went there every day. and i breathed the air in as deeply as i could. the smiles on our faces were different to all the other smiles we normally have. and im not imagining that. im on a mission to get us a house near a beautiful beach.

back at home school has started. my big veda girl has jumped into high school with all of her amazingness. she loves it and is ready for anything and everything. this year she is a teenager. far out. how did that happen so quickly. amelie is staying home for the year....and probably beyond ... she is super happy. it just seems right for her. and sindri my honey bunch boy in the middle, had a few days of -school is crap... and had me ready to say lets homeschool with you too .....but i didnt tell him that.....but he seems to have passed through that and hes happy now.

but that week...last week...nearly had me hiding myself in a dark cave somewhere ! i am so intensely tuned into my kids that its probably not good...for me or them. anyway....

today amelie and i hung out in my room-which i cleaned up a little the other day. im liking that room more and more. we made secret things for our little friend clover who is being christened this weekend, and then i made ammie her new doll. . . she called her kiki summer :-)

she squealed when she met her, and i am determined to get better at making dolls. i do love it. its like making people. fun. ..

the farm. ehh. its annoying me. and understandably i reckon. im just tired of it being hard. im not sure it will ever be easy. is anything worthwhile easy? apart from the farm....i do love my garden wild as it is. i have tomatoes coming out of my ears and a weed jungle surrounds me. but i persist...yesterday i planted some more little bottlebrush plants. i love them.. and i need to find a spot for my mango tree.

anyway...i am here and around .....just thinking more than talking these days...i hope your day was FULL of love today

manda x


Kate said...

Your beach adventure in perth sounds wonderful. I can hardly wait to get over there on our caravan adventure. And the schooling vs non schooling thing is a thing here too. Time will tell. I'm glad your big girl has settled in so well to high school though That's a bit exciting. And that cave...I could easily have moved on in with you last week, crazy week. And the farm and the hardness and the goodness, yep, I understand. Happy, love filled day to you to Miss Manda. XX

melindatrees said...

i reckon when things drive you crazy on the farm you should go for a drive to kates :-)
kiki summer is beaaautiful! love the colours of her. i can see her now ♡.

Kate said...

I agree with your very clever sister. XX

manda said...

me gonna plan a trip soon x