i made amelie a butterfly dress . and necklace. i could be addicted to making paper stars at night. meditation. her dress went down to her toes and she looked like a flower fairy that had stepped out of the garden.
veda brought herself an old red case. im sure she has plans for it. i hope they involve me too.

ive been candle decorating, patchwork card making, dress sewing, luckystar folding, necklace threading, cooking, not sleeping, not gardening..its a jungle out there, garden collecting though, and now today im getting things ready for veda to pack for camp tomorrow. oh i dont like when shes gone....i cant breathe properly until shes home again. thats probably ridiculous but it is what it is. weve been so busy we havent given this camp much thought..which is good i guess.
we celebrated the christening of our friends two beautiful girls on the weekend. little clover blossom is my god child. or fairy friend forever :-) depends what you believe in. she is so cute, she makes me clucky.(but its not going to happen).. it was a big. happy. day.


melindatrees said...

such a pretty dress.
i wish it was gonna happen ;-)

kelly said...

love the "fairy friend forever" meaning sooooo much more than the "godmother"..shes so lucky to have you.. :-)..p.s the red suitcase made me all goose bumpy, Veda is going to be a traveller..