sunday moments

pretty seeds from my garden. i tried to follow the stem to the ground....carrot seeds i believe. wow they are so pretty. amelie couldnt believe they were real. not sure what that means.
poor coco. she is rosie's plaything. she didnt come home for a whole day and night. i started to panic especially after mum caught a big brown snake on her back verandah last night. but coco returned home for some more harassment. luckily the kids make up for it in love. how they adore her. and she is so snobby too.

my angel and her hula hoop. i would love to be inside her head for a day. we are homeschooling this year. im excited and a tiny bit nervous at the same time. but peaceful too.

the family has grown over the summer holidays. father christmas brought amelie her genevieve and veda her izzy and then pixie and jethro got married and had a baby called daisy syrup and the my girl olive finally got a face ad some hair and joined the family. they are a happy little clan arent they :-)
and what else is going on?......
im making space on my camera for beach photos to come
washing folding washing folding clothes
new shorts needed
sewing new shorts
stop for a coffee
see ripe bananas that wont survive much longer
banana bread recipe needed
not found yet because here i am talking to you
then distracted by the photos
life captured for split seconds
the word split gives me goosebumps now after vedas accident with the pool
coffee has gone cold
the cooler is saving us from the heat of summer that is here now finally
though the cooler costs in other ways
its a balancing act life
saw a letterpress made from lego on linked on loobylus twitter. it was cool.
and im too lazy to link links
angus and julia are on repeat. again. they really are just perfect.
hurry up and load photos
they are taking forever
maybe because there were 600 of them
and now the photos have i should go.
my auction ends tonight (scroll down to find it ) seems i'll be taking my picture off to perth to its new home, unless somebody has more money than my sweet brother to help the people in QLD , who need it more than we can imagine. victoria is also being flooded as we speak. its happening over a longer space of time but is causing a lot of heart break on its journey across the state. . . im thinking of the farmers who have struggled through drought and now find their farms completely under water. it gives me goosebumps as i type it.
aaah life.
hope your day is a sunny happy one.

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melindatrees said...

carrot flowers are so pretty.must be so nice to be able to pick them from your garden.
brown snake! yikes... happy packing (the suitcases :-)