today started off like every other school holiday morning....slow and sweet. even sweeter with my sister and her husband sleeping over .

today ended like i never imagined it would. with my beautiful girl Veda lying in bed with stitches in the top of her head. ouch. yes. she did a backward somersault off the edge of our friends swimming pool and smack! hit her head on the side. horrible horrible ..... it was meant to be a happy afternoon playing with our friends we havent seen for what seems like ages (but isnt really)

Veda so bravely let the doctor at the hospital stitch it back together. so very brave and beautiful she is.

and so as i sit in bed eating fruit and nut i chocolate, i love my kids a little bit more than ever before and i have been reminded today that we really have no idea what the next moment is going to be.

now i should sleep because i have a feeling i may be woken by my girl with a sore head in the middle of the night.
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Kate said...

oh manda, how horrible.
sending you both lots of love.
i hope today is boring and uneventful.

manda said...

thanks Kate. i hope it is too.