flood auction begins today!

good morning :-)

today is the day to start my auction to help the queensland people suffering so terribly in the floods.

i know this is only one tiny effort, but put together with lots of other tiny efforts...we can all help together. my heart is sending them love. and now i want to send them as much money as i can to help them rebuild their homes. so here is my auction::

i drew this picture especially for this auction with coloured pencils on nice 220g paper

i like to think that she is an angel who protects home. she was drawn straight from my heart with the queensland people and mother nature on my mind

the drawing measures approx 27x28 cm with space around it to frame as you wish.

the starting price is $20

the auction begins now and will run until midnight sunday january 23rd 2011.

it is open to the whole world to bid.

postage will be covered by me.

at the end of the auction i will contact the winning bidder. he or she will pay the winning amount into the premiers flood appeal and contact me with proof of payment..then i will send my drawing off to them.

good luck and thankyou xx

and also wander over to Toni's blog where on Sunday you will find a whole list of wonderful bloggers who are doing their best to help too.

love manda

oh and p.s if ive forgotten anything or you have questions....just ask :-)


anth said...

Bid 1 = 300 aussie dollars.
For all you international bidders out there, thats equivalent to 1000US dollars or 100000 yen ;-P

manda said...

anth ...$300 ! are you serious? ohmygoodness.

anth said...

Not often a Mandamade original comes onto the market, and for a good cause. Have the spot on wall in new house picked out.

Kate said...

That is one gorgeous art work Ms Manda. Hooray for you. XX

melindatrees said...

100000 yen..sorry but i cant go there..maybe its yours anth ♡ she can protect your new nest.

wa_bandits said...

bite me the WaBandits will purchse this thank you very much ;)
$400 aus dollars...

Anth kiss my sweet spot

manda said...

wa_bandits...also known as my brother+wife!! you are so cheeky..but at the same time $400!! thats awesome :-D thanks heaps xxx

manda said...

and to anth (also my brother
:-) )...i'll make you a house-warming picture for your nest x

Kate said...

Hey Manda I've been thinking about you guys. Are you ok? Wet and soggy? I can't remember exactly where you guys are but I think you maybe live near Horsham?? In any case, I hope you are doing ok and please let us know if you need anything. XX

anth said...

Your Sweet spot Brother is a place i will never go, and hopefully never see or smell. If i wasnt aware of how much of a psyco you were i would continue to bid, however i think the picture would enrich your house more than mine. The beauty of it will distract the eye from your many half finished do it yourself attempts :-P
Dont forget to check back in at 11.59 before the auction ends WaBandits, wouldnt want someone to bid 401 while your asleep hehe!

mandapanda said...

Oh gosh Manda, your brothers crack me up! Good on em though, four hundred is fantastic!!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh what a gorgeous offering, beautiful work, love Posie

wa_bandits said...

How u going?