here is where i am, filled with the love and colour and happiness of my beautiful little family whilst in awe of nature. and the resilience of farmers. and the heartbreak they endure, over and over.
the locusts arrived. landed. laid eggs. dont know how much they ate. at least they didnt eat the cows ;-) now we are going to have to spray the land. i cant bare the thought of toxic sprays. hoping there will be an alternative.

my biggest girl has gone off to her new high school today. most of the kids were there with their groups, my girl on her own. i was so nervous for her i almost felt sick. a horse riding friend came up to her and offered to stay with her, because i had to take my other two honeys to school. this morning i needed two of me.
i called into mums and smelled her christmas cake in progress. mmmmmmm
im trying not to spend my day cleaning, but im thinking i need to go bake something for the kids. the ballerinas have concert rehearsal tonight right through tea time. last night rosie graduated from puppy school. she really should have been expelled. she is a juvenile delinquent and only wanted to sniff and run. not sit and stay. she is a farm dog after all. just a cheeky, pretty one.
one by one im mentally crossing things off the have to do list. it will be nice to throw that list in the recycling.
ohh i hope my kids are having a good day at their schools.
i wish it would be cold and pour rain today. instead its grey, warm and windy.
oh i could babble on. but i really should get off the couch, do something. cook something. make something.
today i gave a man at the petrol station 5 cents as he was rummaging madly through his pockets for it, and god knows my purse is full of them. as he left he said ..thanks, i hope you win tattslotto.
i'd better get a ticket just in case.
see ya x
edited to add....what a silly wish-that it would pour rain ! what was i thinking? it did in fact just pour rain and the thunder sounded like the earth exploded. it actually needs to stop raining for awhile because it is flooding all over the place and making a big mess for farmers and families.
so please. no rain for awhile :-)

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