do you grow your own strawberries? for smell and taste i highly recommend it. oh my gosh. is it possible to overdose on berries? if it is... im on my way there.

i also recommend visiting op shops to find the cutest old christmas decorations, if you're lucky- which i was. amelie also scored a madeline christmas book. lucky lucky.


Kate said...

I can't get over that pic of the locusts. Ugh!
They are heading here soon I heard. Double ugh!
But oh my the stawberries this year have been amazing. I thought they'd be all mushy with all the rain but they are divine. My favourite food of the moment for sure.
And I'm gonna have to take you up on that offer of that discussion over coffeee. Maybe me and the girls will drive up over the holidays. Its cold here and we need a bit of warmth. XX

melindatrees said...

yummmm.thats a colander full !! how cool.

manda said...

Kate...come play anytime, that would be fun :)..I hope the locusts miss your place they are grose, amongst other things...but the strawberries mmmmm and raspberries mmmmm. I wish i could send you some Melinda.