lovely december

sticky saturday morning
it feels like im living in tropical queensland, without the beach
the house is looking very sparkly and smelling of pine after yesterdays christmas decorating
reindeer games are being played
the kids are waiting for their friends to come play
and amelie is waiting to go to her friends birthday party
i have slowed down into holiday mode before the holidays have begun and i love it
christmas is in the air
speaking of things in the air, locusts locusts everywhere. driving becomes like you are playing mario cart dodging flying things
oh...someones i go ....


melindatrees said...

how exciting.beautiful tree and kids ♡..
locusts, totally freak me out..

Kate said...

How did she (your sis?) do that thing with the heart??
I'm freaked out by locusts too. Is it bad for your farm?
The rest of the story sounds beautiful though.
Have a happy Sunday. X
ps. my word thingy is 'ovendies' now I'm really freaked out.

manda said...

the locusts....well there were so many we couldnt believe it. they freak me out too. melinda does the heart thing on her mac im on a pc and have no idea.....minda? happy sunday you going outside to see if the creatures have left the building :-O xxx