it was Kate's happy idea and now
heres a list of my happy.
my biggest fattest happy is my three kids. three healthy cool sweet hearted funny interesting delightful and gorgeous kids. and my farmer boy muzz. biggest sweetheart ever.
without that happy all other happys wouldnt be so happy, i dont think. i cant imagine.
my mum living 2 minutes down my driveway.
going outside tonight and pulling a carrot out of the earth to eat with tea.
hearing my veda say she wants to have a garden just like ours when she has her own house.
the beautiful sunflowers smiling at me in that garden.
tonight, eating rice makes me happy. and garlic. love it. and even happier mums friend john grew some whopper garlic for them and us. yum.
when my kids are lost in their own world together makes me really really happy.
the beach makes me happy.
my sisters make me happy. i love them.
so does my little brother.
hmmm chocolate makes me happy and so does perfect watermelon and pineapple and mango. fruit actually. and potatoes.
old people make me happy. they remind me of my dad. their hands. the way they walk. their voices.
old things too. i love old things...way nicer than new things (most of the time)
birds singing,
planting seeds,
funny people,
people being nice to each other,
being at home all together, ohh school holidays make me soooo happy.
zip over to Kates for some more happiness .


melindatrees said...

oh, that makes me happy :-)

Kate said...

Your happy list makes me feel so happy Manda!
Kids, farmer boys, Mums, sisters, gardens, old things, quiet, nice,'ve got it all there.
May your days be full to the brim with it all. XX

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

I enjoyed your very happy, happy list :D

midge said...

your happy list spread the happiness. i love old peoples hand too, they remind me of my dad. thanks for sharing the happiness