words and weather

late night
should go to bed
head full of thoughts
body tired
noisy blah blah television
noisy blah blah thoughts in my head
crazy weather
crazy happenings here there and everywhere
so much rain
wild winds
battered garden
but still, picking baby spinach and bowl-fulls of strawberries and bunches of flowers and eating raspberries one by one while flicking those little bugs off my plants
as wild as my garden is right now (and always) its my happy place
i need to make little nooks for the kids to play in.....
id like a hill for them to roll down and run over
it wouldnt be so hard to make a hill with my boys tractor
one day i will learn to drive that big yellow tonka truck scooper
and now that my head is this many words emptier, i will go to bed.
goodnight x

1 comment:

Kate said...

It sure is wild but I guess the berries help to make it seem a little better, a little sweeter.
I love the idea of you riding around in your oversized tonka truck making hills. X