me and my mum :l:o:v:e:
my beautiful ballerina girl

the night glowed with fire, the moon, colour and firework explosions
lovely lazy monday
the skies cant make up their mind
the kids are so quiet im not sure if they are here
their happily tired bodies are in beds, on couches,
angus and julia stone are singing me their beautiful melodies
the colourful mess from our family christmas party reminds me of the fun we had on the weekend
a sadness hovers as someone had a car crash and died on our corner road this morning
magnifying how lucky we are here and now and how precious life is
christmas feels like it has come already. ive definitely eaten all the chrsitmas food....trifle and pudding and i still have a whole cheesecake in my fridge. its my favourite. the kids have eaten way to many hoping their christmas stocking gets filled with fruit but i doubt it.
the next few days will be slow ones before father christmas visits
theres been so much magic in the last few weeks
we are exhausted and daily i mention the word beach to my farmer boy
hopefully in january we'll get there for some sea splashing
time now to make some parcels for great nannas and friends and maybe eat some dessert for lunch
manda xx

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beck said...

A beautiful post Manda, I loved it all. Especially your girls, mum & daughter. Hope you get to feel some sand and sea under your feet, keep saying that word...beach, beach, beach xo