hello rain

7.30 pm last night, the kids and murray start watching a new japanese looks a bit scary so me and ammie wander off to my , or should i say our (me muzz and ammies) bed. we try to get the computer to play games with us but its so slow we crack it with the computer and decide to draw pictures together instead. amelie loves drawing with oil pastels and is still drawing cute icecream sundaes with cherries on top. she taught me how to do that and then we snuggled into bed. we had our nightly conversation about how much she doesnt like school and all the things that upset her while shes there. she is so insightful and wise and sensitive. i think i fell asleep just after i felt her little fingers fall from my hand.

i woke at midnight and ate some cold canneloni. damn i made delicious canneloni last night...spinach and ricotta mmmm...... then i went back to sleep. i then had some crazy canneloni induced dreams about cats with strings of crystals around their necks ..and then i woke when my boy went off to milk cows at around 5am.

then at 6.30 i really woke to the sound of pouring rain and grey skies, thinking what a bad idea it may have been to plan a garage sale for this weekend.

now its 7.30 and im thinking it would be nice for the kids to be home on this rainy day. but they stayed home yesterday and ammie only went on monday. hmmm....maybe they should go today. i torment myself like this most mornings....but hooray because theres only 15 more of them left this year.
today im gonna find some solar powered fairy lights for my garden. and something to make the mozzies go a giant lizard that will stick out his sticky tongue and eat them all. sindri would like that.


melindatrees said...

i want to buy you a home school for christmas.

manda said...

i want you to come and be my home school neighbour .