spring flowers

flowers picked from my garden for my mum. it was her 73rd birthday yesterday. she had 9 children and mothered another 4 little ones from my dads previous marriage. she really is an amazing lady. last night we went out and had a delicious dinner together. she really deserves all the magic and love in the world.
today im pottering around thinking i love saturdays. the kids and i decided that school should be two days a week and weekends five days. dont you think?
and today what is making me happy is the jacaranda and the silver princess that i planted awhile ago, that have both lost all their leaves and look like dead sticks, ....well i have been living in hope that they are just resting ....they have sprouted new little leaves. hooray for all the magic rain we have had.
theres a clearing sale in toolern vale tomorrow that im tempted to go to. last night i found a listing for the 600! lots that will be auctioned. could be fun.
i'll let you know what i find, if i go :-)

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