p.s i need a scarecrow

mum and i found our way across the countryside to a little hall filled with lots of old stuff. people paid astonishing prices for old metal signs and cameras and oil bottles and anything else that was old. there wasn't much that made me go "ooohhhh i want that" and especially not since everything was so expensive. but yes, i had to have some bidding fun. the kids love the record player. i do too. now i'll be on the lookout for records to groove to on my opshoppin expeditions.


Kate said...

We are still a bit behind you because we have no need for a scarecrow just yet.
AND I am totally overwhelmed by my bit of amazing Mandaness that arrived and made my day this morning. You so didn't need to send me anything in return but I have to say I am besotted with my new bag and have tranferred all my bits into it already and it is ace! Also ace is that you are printing again. And sewing. I just adore it all. THANK YOU!! I hope you have the happiest of weeks. XX

spectacularfairywren said...

oooh oooh oooh - i remember that brownie badge, can't recall it's name - if anyone know PLEASE spill.. Tikki? something like that?

Spin some vinyl - nice buy