my creative space

today i took the kids to school, came home, made a coffee, grabbed the orange woollen? fabric i picked up at savers yesterday, ignored the kitchen with dishes almost hitting the roof, and went outside to my room. aaaah bliss. determined to make something cute for a child that i dont know, but who might like something cute to snuggle or play with.
and ta amelie likes to say, is miss or mr pussycat. she...i think shes a she , is off to pips for softies for mirabel. i hope her new friend likes her.
its nice to be back making. think i might ignore the dishes more often. i just went inside to grab my camera and the dishes are gone. now that, i like.
heres to ignoring dishes and heres to making toys for beautiful kids.
off to here to see some more making . see ya.


Bianca said...

I've been leaving my dishes in the hope that i might attract a little house brownie of my own. Alas no luck thus far.

Ginger Puss is great! and how cute is Rosie!


Claire Gale said...

hoorah, i think you should leave the dishes everyday too, in fact get a cleaner......that is one super cute softie x

melindatrees said...

i like her and her expression.
and im digging that print behind her!!

Morrgan said...

Awww, what a sweetie. :)

Sally said...

Gorgeous! Purr-fect even ;)
... and yes I'm loving that print in the back ground too! Your creative space is rock'n today!!!

ana @ i made it so said...

in my little avatar photo, i'm ignoring dishes in the background to knit something ;)

what a cute cat! the eyes are greatc (and the girl in the print in the background, are those curtains? charming too!)