november here i come.

aahhh these perfect spring days....even the spring rain came at a perfect time, garden is calling me outside.. closer and closer. every day there is something new that has burst. little peaches and broccoli and sweet chamomile flowers. (and a million nettles that like to prick my fingers if im not careful)

my studio is evolving into somewhere i want to be. soon i will have power and music. rosie has made herself a bed next to my sewing table. outside i can spy on strawberries. if im quick enough i might even beat the crows to the juiciest red ones.
the kids are having a great time with their cousins today. they went trick or treating last night, have covered themselves, their bikes, and rosie in mud. they have bounced and giggled themselves silly and are now flopped in the lounge watching princess mononoke-veda's favourite movie.
im off to play some more in my room. i've even had my gocco out and my sewing machine chugging along. maybe im finding my groove again. its only taken almost a year!

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