my creative space

on my fridge::from my garden::by my side::from my travels::on my windows
more spaces at Kirstys :-)


melindatrees said...

ammies trees are so great.loving the tinsel!.
the strawberries make my mouth water.the chamomile my nose twitch.
rosie has grown so much.i see some murray in her!
anotherrr beautiful basket.wonder if is narrow?
and your star is magical like you.

ana @ i made it so said...

aww, "by your side".. and that star is intriguing, is it origami?

manda said...

hi ana the star is made with kite paper and you can find instructions on how to fold them on the net or in a book called Crafts through the year by T and P Berger :-)
hi minda..the basket is narrow..a knitting basket. come eat raspberries with me..they are all turning red :D