late nite blah blah

the truth is i really dont know what to do with my days.still! there is lots i could be doing but nothing that makes me want to do it. is it me who has to make me do it...not the something? i found some very cute waldorf ish dolls on etsy tonight. almost as cute as amelies Tinky. that made me want to try to make some more dolls. but generally i have just blah blahed my days away for alot of this year. thats bad isnt it. i guess i have my new room (which is looking rather cool and rather messy after veda and her friend played in it on the weekend) but i still havent unpacked the piles and piles of fabric. and paper. . . . ohhhhh,,......
i think i need some more sunshiney days. i helped amelie and sindri make pom poms tonight. i like pom poms a lot. id like a pom pom door hanging to keep the damn swallows out of my room, pooping everywhere. why am i always surrounded by poop is another question i have ?
and i also need to see angus and julia play in melbourne in september except they are sold out. and i need to just get past tomorrow because im going to the dentist and if you knew me you would know that its probably my least favourite place in the world that i know of. luckily my mum is coming home from holidays tomorrow so at least i have some happy to look forward to after visiting hell. im so tempted to chicken out but im not. good girl manda.
the wattles are so so beautiful right now. our giant one in our front garden is GLOWING. i have vegies to plant but my much rain and hail, we are surrounded by mud. which we cant complain about because then we would be whingeing farmers ;-)
anyway. i have to get some sleep, tomorrow theres about 50 things going on and im not ready for them and im wishing i did bake those banana muffins i was thinking about this arvo . and i wonder where amelies ballet shoes are.........


melindatrees said...

hi,can i babble blah here too?
have you seen the SILKE waldorf dolls?i swear i want one for me.i found a link but not to my favourite type.
youll find out what you like doing most.
i wanted to make a doll for hana but i havent been able to find the supplies online here.only really sold in kits.
hana is intent on wanting another plastic faced slightly older than jessie doll for her bday.ive gotta come up with something fast.but i will probably get her yuka? ah i forget her name.
sunshiney days are on there way.
today i read that swallows only come to happy houses.
whenever facebook asks whats on your mind i always think are so lucky to have her close. i wish i did.
and why the hell are you going to the dentist?evevn though i think that is so great.goodluck.rub some oils up your sure the smell of the place is the 2nd most frightening part about it.the 1st being the drill.

manda said...

i want a doll for me too....we can make when you come...i have lots of supplies and we can order more from winterwood....shame you cant find any in japan...can u improvise? i love how much ammie loves tinky. and the outfits that her and veda make for their dolls are plain awesome. mum is home and i know im lucky...cant imagine being so far from her....maybe you should move? lol.... and i survived the dentist...he was so so nice. happy me. x and p.s i rubbed sandalwood everywhere possible but this dentist doesnt smell at all :D xoxoxoxox

manda said...
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