these days

oh, poor Pixie.
Amelie is happy with scissors and paper in her hands.

::we've been playing more in the garden because the sun is out there to warm us up a little. . me planting, the kids bouncing and somersaulting . how some sunshine can brighten your day :-)
::there's usually someone in our house bandaged. thankfully not for real, but for play....its one of their favourite things to do. this time , Pixie hurt her arm.
::the kids had a stall at the farmers market today selling strawberry plants that we grew (rather than strawberries unfortunately!!) over summer. it was so cute. and so great for them. veda started off a little shy...more happy to be the gardener i think, sindri was the friendly salesboy and amelie hoola hooped in the background. that was until mum and co. arrived with their new puppy....then it was cuddle puppy time. happy days. and tomorrow the kids have a day off school...a perfect way to start the week.

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melindatrees said...

cute poor pixie! hana is gonna love playing that game!i started my doll.i have no idea how you made her in a day!!
your kids are the paper cutting meisters.i still remember vedas snowflakes.and that strawberry stall! how cool.that sign reminds me of dad (gone colourful).