bunny is here

as soon as she got here she hopped into our bloomingly beautiful wattle tree.

she is quite adorable and is being welcomed with a lotta love. amelie has named her rosie and has claimed her as her new friend. i admit i did steal her one night to cuddle.
and in case you didnt know who makes these cute bunnies...its sweet Beck. go see :-)


melindatrees said...

oh i was wondering about your tree :-)
your bunny definately looks like one of the family.

angelina said...

hello there cute little redhead !

beck said...

Hi Manda, lovely to see Rosie fitting in so well! Good to see her cuddling up and getting some loving. Big love to you too & thanks again for supporting my little bunny business xo

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ecoMILF said...

the tree looks divine and so does the fluffy new addiiton to your family! xo m.