my knight

Today i went shopping and I couldnt get Sindris amazing drawings and fascination with knights out of my head as I wondered around. I found an old record (top) -turn your head sideways ;-)
and a beautiful old Pinocchio book.

Since i got Sindri a new pen yesterday, he has gone into another world with it...until so late at night and this morning in the 5 minutes it took for his porridge to cook , he raced to his room to do a quick drawing. I love that he loves new pens like i do. Next time he wants me to buy him a refillable one. Good idea my honey bunch.

Today we got to school 15 minutes late. As the week goes on we seem to get later and later. Funny. Then as we walk into school I say to Veda...why are you late Veda ? in a grumpy teachers voice and she says... my parents lost to the key to my cage. or... the government has sworn me to secrecy. or Sindri says my parents locked me in the garbage bin. And we all have a good giggle before I smooch them goodbye until the afternoon.
And now it is afternoon, so off i will go back down the slippery slide..which has dried up a little so now its more a bumpity ride.. to pick up the kids and bring them home again.
and p.s my bunny from Beck is finished...I will show you when she arrives :-)

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melindatrees said...

wow his drawings are amazing just like him.and how cute their reasons for lateness..