embrace the cold manda

slipsliding down our driveway to get home. who has to slide down their driveway-almost 1km long, to get home? me. some days its funny , other days not so much.
my bones are frozen....so much so that i went into the local travel agent and walked out with travel brochures, dreaming and plotting an exotic sunny overseas holiday.
subsequent investigating on the australian government website amongst others, scared me off the idea of visiting thailand...and overseas in general..
now we are thinking of closer to home.... darwin-katherine-broome-ningaloo-monkey mia-perth-south to the beautiful karri forests-esperance-back to perth and -home.
how cool would that be.
i know. so cool.
its so fun to dream. and plan. i hope i can make this real.

(drawing by Amelie :-)


Sally said...

It is freezing here in Perth too! Darwin to Monkey Mia sounds great... otherwise it is all cold!!!

melindatrees said...

i love ammies picture.looks like the eyes are bugs crawling towards the flower.
australian holiday would be nice..

beck said...

Hey Manda, I have finished your bunny - see my blog today. Also I sent you an email..did you get it? Hope you are keeping nice and warm and snug xo

melindatrees said...

wow that bunny is super sweet.