every time i drive past the orchards i am in love with the trees all lined up in beautiful patterns. i promise myself that next time i will bring the camera. today i did. i missed them in full autumn colour. now the colour is on the ground and they are shadowy tree statues. still beautiful. on the other side of the road are trees dripping in apples. so many have fallen on the ground i was so tempted to go pick some up and fill my pockets, but i thought i might get in trouble... instead i went to the supermarket and paid money for some- that are probably from a fridge and a year old. that was probably a bad choice. i think i need to plant some more apple trees. we have only three and with the way the kids have been eating apples lately, i think i need 3+30 .

my house is so cold. as soon as our wood heater fire goes out the chill creeps in. time to go get some wood and make the house warm.

i want to go make a skirt for me.

and im hungry. im really bad at putting my hunger last. i should put it first and maybe i would have the energy to do all the other things. so simple silly manda.

ammie went to school today after having two days at home, shes got a mild cold. i didnt want to send her but she wanted to go. i hope she doesnt come home exhausted.
i really really really like when she is home with me. i taught her to knit the other day. she is so clever and loves it. in around under and off. why dont they teach them such things at school.

time to go feed, warm, and clothe me. so primal hahaha..... i got a text saying gorman was having a big sale today. if i was in melbourne i would probably be out there shopping in the city wilderness with all the other mad people.


melindatrees said...

maybe you could do apple picking. pay them to pick the apples not them pay you then you can take them home.would love a decent apple.feels like i missed out on apple season.maybe because they dont have pink lady here.
eat something.hana and i just ate about 50 chickpeas roasted.kind of like pea sized roast potatoes.
today i feel as far away as i am.

manda said...

if only i got that magic wand i wished could have come to the tongala opshop with me and then we could have gone apple picking together. pea sized roast potatoes yummmm. i bought ten kilos of potatoes today :) .....i think i have a roast potato craving. wish i could wish you here.