eating:: not enough
smelling:: rain
seeing:: mud and autumn leaves
listening to :: veda making beautiful music on her piano
telephoning :: removalists
because im thinking :: about buying an old school building to use as a fun place to make in
planting:: nothing yet...but digging up strawberries and making a frame for my raspberries-wild girls they are
listening to also:: regina spektor and temper trap
and now i must go pick the kids up from school, take veda to piano lesson and the beat goes on......


Kate said...

Oh yeah, I'm looking at an old classrooom for an office/studio too. Plans are about to go to council. if you are ever heading up to Kynton to have a look, let me know and we can meet and have a cuppa. X

melindatrees said...

an old school building! that sounds fun.then you could buy some wheels and sometimes use it as a caravan too?

manda said...

Hi too! ..thats funny...Im heading to Kyneton middle of June to have a look and fingers crossed, choose one...would love to meet for a cuppa :-)
Its a little too big for a caravan Minda...but it is big enough that you could come stay for a loooong time :-)