8 things

Kate gave up some of herself and so here i am giving up 8 things about me (well a lot more actually!) .....firstly i will tell you that 8 is my favourite number and is also the date i was born on. And secondly I tried to find a nice photo of me but there aren't any. So I took this one just now. Dark, tired and not ready for the weekend to be over is what i would call it. If I knew how to photoshop I would paint rosy cheeks on me.
My favourite meal to eat is anything someone else cooks. Cooking since my fussy loveheart children came along has become something i dont get excited about. I loved cooking baby food...but at around three they turned fussy.. grrrr.....So if somebody else is cooking I would like it to be vegetarian mostly...although i eat chicken but try not to think about it when i do so,... i could eat pasta in any form every night..... tomatoes feta pesto olives creamy mushroomy garlicy y u m. i used to love indian food then moved on to thai and now i think im loving italian. but i do love them all. and chillis. and chocolate every day.
Do i have a quirky eccentricity? most probably. many. but none come to mind. i'll think about that one. How about I am an awesome speller. I always cut cheese crookedly and it drives my farmer boy crazy and that makes me laugh. Oh and every day i make my cheeks rosy with blush. I couldnt be bothered with makeup.
My middle name is sort of Mary. I dont really have one but when I was being christened as a baby the priest said Amanda is not a catholic name so my parents gave me the holiest one they could think of as a middle name, to please the priest. So its not on my birth certificate but is probably on my christening certificate if it exists somewhere. I like the name Mary but dont like Amanda. I like Manda more and people who love me call me that.
I am passionate about my children. family. creativity. I torment myself all the time about my kids having the freedom to be kids in a world that doesnt agree with me most of the time.
I also really love trees and flowers and being close to nature. Id like to plant a forest on our farm.

Thongs or birkenstocks? Definitely not thongs unless Im living at the beach which unfortunately Im not. Birkenstocks yes I have summer and winter winter felt clogs need to be fixed...Im going to sew the strap back together-its on my to do list. In the mean time I have been flip flopping around in them with a broken strap. Maybe I should do that tonight...except Amelie is waiting for me to go snuggle her to sleep, which i will , and then probably fall asleep with her. Birkenstocks have to wait.
Who was I before I had kids? I was crazy, reckless, and unaware. I was child number 7 in a family with 9 kids. I was chasing all the wrong sorts of boys and having a lot of fun getting up to mischief with my sister and brothers and my friends. I met farmer boy and off we went on our own adventure to live in Perth then Melbourne then to his family farm near Kyabram, then to India and back to the farm. We never planned on staying, but here we are still on the farm. Before kids I didnt value life like I value it now.
Have I ever been arrested? Um no. Parking fines galore years ago.

This weekend I watched my three kids knitting together, helped Veda make a dress, chased the ducks off my back door step- I think its time to show them where the channel is. We had dinner at a friends house on Saturday night and I drank too much pink wine...ooh i really like pink bubbly wine. I felt my friends tummy as her little baby wriggled only a few weeks I will be snuggling that baby. How nice. Today I got out some old camera tapes and we watched the kids when they were babies. The kids were delighted to see themselves. Our poor third child Amelie....I really need to take some video footage of her as soon as possible or shes going to be mad with me when shes bigger.
Goodnight :-)
x manda x


Sally said...

Lovely to read eight things about you. Sweet dreams to you and your daughter :)

Cherie said...

Oh Manda love your eight, especially your one about 'value' -I should've included that one too. Thanks for being so generous, have a wonderful week ;-)

midge said...

lovely eight. i think i might copy your photo and photoshop some pink cheeks in for you. i think that would be nice

melindatrees said...

m-a-nnnnnnnn-daaaaaaaaaa i love you.

Kate said...

Yay! I'm so happy you played. I loved reading every word and every answer. I just screamed out to Bren to find out where Kyabram is, I want to play, he doesn't know, I'll have to ask Mr Google. X