our beautiful boy Spotty rests peacefully under the gingko tree. it was a horribly sad thing to have to say goodbye to him. we took a few sunny beautiful days with him. that was lucky. many cats just go away to die alone.

and ever since, it has been grey and cold and rainy. the farm is loving the rain. im not enjoying it as much as i usually would. i think i need some sunshine right now. that or a really good sleep.

i got the best mail the other day. the box of lost easter eggs that i sent to my sister in tokyo. 2 months later they were returned to me..how very cool. tomorrow i will send them again...this time with her whole address written on the box ;-)

im waiting for a fabric parcel to arrive so i can make myself a new dress. and i also bought myself a crochet hook. i am determined to learn. this year! hopefully sooner than by the end of this year!
in the meantime, slowly and holding my loved ones close. x
oh..and p.s we have wrens nesting in our garden. i distract myself, spying on magical little wrens.


melindatrees said...

blue wrens ♡.

Jodie said...

What a sweet little wren...

angelina said...

wow. ive lost overseas packages before, its always so dissapointing. very cool yours came back ,yah!