i just needed some pink

..and the pink on this nani iro fabric is just perfect.
its amazing how happy fabric can make me.
i made myself some pants today. strange because i was going to make a dress with this, also beautiful nani iro fabric....but i must have been in a pants mood today. tomorrow i may regret what i made today. but i do like them. i even went and washed my favourite blue top to wear with them. a new uniform for me. i tried on new uggs today and i was soooo tempted to buy them, but i didnt. i talked myself out of it. they werent the perfect colour or shape. but they were 20 percent off. im filling my time with meaningless conversations inside my own head as you can see. and its sending me a little c r a z y heheee... i need some more girl energy on the farm.....too much boy energy. . it drives me crazy too. . im thinking my own room to paint in that perfect shade of pink would be nice, please, universe.
im also discussing with myself what trees i need to plant and whether printing fabric is a good idea when i dont see how i could possibly print fabric that was as beautiful as i would want it to be. not to mention im refusing to do any grand making because i have no space to do it in. i can always make excuses.
so anyway, i have the pink nani flower fabric sitting on my table and it definitely cheers me up everytime i look at it.
a rainbow followed me home from school today. that was nice.
i got wet socks wearing socks with sandals today...time to wear wintery footwear i guess.
and whilst i make nothing, the kids making is endless and vedas beautiful triangle pattern.


melindatrees said...

i like your pants dress combo.
hana and i got absolutely drenched on the bike we had a bath in our clothes.i could hardly see to ride.i was just worrying about the library books in my basket.
i thought a rainbow would be around because the sun kept coming out too.but it was all the way over in timmering.typical.

melindatrees said...

ps) i love how veda always wears that ring.