the birthday girl had a wonderfully happy birthday. we wagged school, because we could and because everyone should have a holiday on their birthday! it was a perfect day.
we are all now a little exhausted. we need to re-energise for the party on the weekend. birthdays usually last a week in our house :) i cant actually believe we've only been back at school for three days. it feels like three weeks which isn't a good sign!
i've sent more easter eggs to my sis in japan because the first lot are most definitely lost.....and testing fate, i didn't pay an extra five dollars to insure or track the parcel. surely it can't happen twice. and i refuse to insure easter eggs.
tomorrow i will send my pincushion off.....its not officially late but jeepers....i hope my swap-ee gets it in time.
tonight the papier mache pinata is drying in front of the wood heater. yep we have fire warmth in the house. i love it. i dont love the kids begging for cooked on the fire marshmallows every night though ;-) the pinata was going to be a pink flower....but now im getting carried away with the idea and thinking about making it look like an echinacea flower. the balloon is the perfect shape for it. i love pinatas. i love papier mache too. amelie the parisian princess would not help me make it, even though she wanted to..because she didnt want to get her fingers sloppy messy sticky. she has always been this way. so funny, my sweet six year old.
off to do some party making ...goodnight :)

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melindatrees said...

perfect for an echinacea!