last official holiday

the kids scored an extra school holiday because the school planned it that way.
tomorrow they may well possibly have another one because its amelies 6th birthday and in our family if its your get to choose what to do with your day. and what to eat. etc....
amelie my little social butterfly school lover is a little torn. she wants to go to school but wants to stay home. im going to choose stay home for her. selfish mumma i am. we can play all day and then she goes dancing in the afternoon. then home to have birthday tea. nice.
and being the brother and sister of birthday girl, sindri and veda can stay home to play too. and really, this afternoon they have made tipis, woven grass, cooked damper (mush) , yesterday they tried to save a baby sparrow. today they skated at the skate park. who needs school anyway? not on your birthday when you are 6 i say.

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Kate said...

Definitely not on your birthday when you turn 6, there's much more fun ways to celebrate. Happy birthday for your Amelie and to her mama too. X