one more day of school for this year.

one more day of kindergarten.

there will be more school next year.

but i dont have any more little kids that will go to kindergarten.


thats a big corner im turning.

tonight veda played at her end of year piano recital.

that was so cute.

in a little country town hall.

kids of all ages playing their piano pieces.

and her teacher/our friend played i think beethoven sooo awesome-ly!

after some supper, a beautiful night outside, so a little play at the playground across the road and home to bed and to our glowing christmas tree. somehow i think it is our most beautiful one yet.


beck said...

This post almost made me cry, no more little kinder children, time goes past and they are growing up before our eyes. Rosie will do kinder next year but that will be it for us too. I love every stage they go through but I will and already do, miss the years when they were all so small. My darlings, my sweeties. Hope you are yours have a lovely Christmas Manda, best wishes and love to you all xo

Loretta said...

Wait till you have only one left at secondary school... gulp.. x x

hxr said...
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Nikki Cardigan said...

What a sweet post Manda. Ah, the milestones. So wonderful yet so heartbreaking. Kid-time just seems to move too fast.