my creative space

my creative space is consumed with getting our little people well/keeping them well enough to do all the end of year school and kinder going-ons. at the same time im fighting the sore throat bug. i was winning..though this morning i woke up and had eucalyptus lozenges for breakfast. mm mmm. having colds in summer near christmas is plain annoying. could be worse though ;-)
the kids are bringing home random pieces of christmas this pin-poked-picture by sindri. i love tiny holes with light. beautiful.
we made some gingerbread,but cinnamon instead of ginger...for amelies kinder party. the colour of it was beautiful before the kids attacked it with icing and marshmallow and shiny things..
it has the potential to break teeth too. i think i cooked it for too long.
the last lot of creative spaces for 2009 over at kootoyoo.

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