first day of holidays...aahhh sweet relief to have the kids home with us.
the kids and i did some pinata making, a rudolph the red nosed reindeer if you can't quite tell.
its going to be smacked to bits on the weekend at our family christmas party. poor rudolph.
but for now he hangs in our kitchen. i have a green cardboard nose that amelie painted, to put on the other side of rudolphs face. she insists i put it there...and why not.
.....another thing i love to do...make pinatas.


Kate said...

oh yeah, i love a bit of pinata makin too. he is gorgeous, i love his furry face.xx

Nikki Cardigan said...

He is AWESOME Manda. Almost too awesome to hit!

Loretta said...

Oh Gosh, way too cute to destroy see you tomorrow.. x x x x