l o v e

the photo was meant to be a blurry christmas tree light photo. which looked cool. but its on my camera card which isnt here with me. i do love these squashed flowers though.
life is a happy blur at the moment.
our shopping day on friday ended with my farmer boy and our three precious giggling kids giving me a beautiful rose gold ring with a promise of forever.
of course we already feel married and forever is what our love and family is.
but now i have the sparkly ring on my finger. and i jokingly call my farmer boy my fiance.
one day we will have a wedding/party.
right now we are surrounded in happiness and love......................
me and ammie also have colds, which is rotten.
and the end of school is near. but not near enough.
amelie pulled all her strength together so she could go to prep orientation day this morning. big brave girl she is.
and christmas excitement is growing daily. im sure father christmas will find something special to bring to these three awesome kids.

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