make way for christmas

Providing the soundtrack for our lives in these past few days has been our grumpy old cat Spotty. We're not sure if he's just that. . old and grumpy or if theres something wrong. But gosh his meow is so loud. Especially at 4am when he comes out of hiding asking to be let outside. And who does he ask? Me of course.
the tree is in there somewhere

previous christmas card makings found in the decorations box

So it may have taken us almost a week to recover from the market. Recover , as in getting the kids well again and back to school, cleaning up some of the mess from the pre-market mayhem- so that we all stop tripping over and banging into things, and recover as in gathering my thoughts and just soaking in the thought that there is a world of possibilities out there just waiting patiently.
We've also got my sister Melinda and her 3 year old bundle de love Hana staying here, well here but just down the driveway at my Mums. And that is a whole lot of fun in itself. We've had a school awards ceremony to attend. I could write a whole post about the politics of schools but I couldn't be bothered. I've already wasted too much time thinking about it. What we decided in the end is that our kids are sweet hearted kind compassionate people and in life if they can be that, well thats awesome. Not to say that they don't deserve to be recognised for their amazing abilities also. They do. But too many times, they aren't. grr. see I obviously still have issues hehee...
So now we have moved onto Christmas. It's that sparkly exciting magical time of the year that is all about the kids and family. I love it.

The christmas tree is up. I wanted a fresh pine tree but we couldnt wait that long to find somewhere to buy one. So the tree is up and now you cant see it because it is covered in tinsel and hand made angels and colourful lights ...just how the kids like it.

Today I bought cardboard and glitter , star stickers and glue. Christmas card making is next.

If not tonight , maybe there will be some card making tomorrow for Melinda Amelie and Hana while I get to go to Bendigo shopping with my farmer boy. Something we haven't done for about 12 years ! Maybe not that long. But a long time. Nice.

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Nikki Cardigan said...

Hopefully Spotty is not sick and has just realised that Christmas is only 3 weeks away and he's panicking. That can make you grumpy!

Enjoy the time with your sister and niece. Sounds like the shopping trip is way overdue!