spring holidays :: wednesday

there seems to be only two positions on their dials. so very happy playing together. or ready to eat each other like wild lion cubs. im slightly exhausted and needing to drink a glass of red wine at 5pm ;-)
tomorrow we m u s t leave the house/farm.
(hopefully i will sneak in some fabric shopping)
because a girl can never have enough.
i want plain colours + plain linen = happy me
im going to the daylesford makers market. jeepers. that gives me how many days to get my shit together? 67? i love it.


Kate said...

Hi Manda, I get what you mean about them loving each other one minute and going crazy at each other the next. It's school holidays and totally insane here too. I am excited that you are having a stall at our makers' market. I guess I should start making some stuff for my stall too. See you soon. Love Kate

manda said...

Hi Kate
Yes Im excited too-time for some serious list making and then doing...p.s ..about my header...its a gocco print :-)

melindatrees said...

i just read you profile and wanted to tell you i saw taken on the way back from san francisco.what an awful movie but i think slevin is along the same kind of awfuness...